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Thou Shalt Not Wait For a Phone Call.

When you want someone to pick up the phone, excited to talk to you, pick one up and call them.

If everyone did it, no one would wait, pained and impatient, for a call from their lover.

Thou Shalt Call Thy Lover.


People would clean the dishes they eat off of, and the dishes of their chefs.

Cooks shouldn’t clean, eaters should be gracious, co-op’s should have empty sinks.

People would think before they speak.

Yep, in a perfect world, we’d think about it all before we said it.
Just breifly, we might consider the value of brevity and clarity and propriety.
We would also weigh the truth of the things we say.
If people did this, much less time would be wasted on the insubstantial.


… we would follow them faithfully. After all, why live if you don’t spend it doing what you feel, saying what you think?


I took a break. It had just all gotten a little overwhelming. But, the break is over.

I wonder, should we really tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

If we didn’t, the world would look just as it does.

If for some reason we all woke up one day and everyone suddenly told the truth all the time, I propose that the world would follow a damped oscillation, a damped sin function, specifically… or perhaps a bessel function of some sort… but I’m getting ahead of myself…

After all, there would be insanity initally, as we all first discover that our moms were once lesbians, our boyfriends are cheating on us, and our best friends eat all our chocolate from the freezer. Jails would fill, fear would ensue. It would die down, though. Overwhelmed by confessions and new guilt of our own, we’d forgive madly, even too much, and chaos would decrease briefly. Soon, though, we’d spring back into disaster as the slow finger of blame reappeared in society, laws would reorient themselves, revenge would arise, and chaos would start up again, no doubt…. and so on.

Anyway, though eventually we’d reach an equillibrium, is it really worth the craziness? After all, an honest man is always in trouble.

Perfect Information

This universalization can only really function in the presence of perfect information, but in light of killercoke (yes, yes, I know it’s mad sketchy) and darfur divestment and other such things (stuff from the past even, like monsanto and mcdonalds and such), I have a dream… a dream of well-informed consumerism. While regulation is all well and good, this is capitalism, and in a free-ish market, the well-informed consumer is the most effective type of regulation.

But, yes, perfect information is out of reach.
So, universalize this: what if we consumed only what we understood. . . and approved of?
… could we eliminate corporate injustice?

I think we’ll have to start studying though… and drinking a lot more water…

trust engenders trust?

Jay of Tati’s bikes doesn’t lock his bike outside his store. There are many bikes there locked to the bike rack, but secured to nothing. One is a prized posession, three frames welded together, part of the rat patrol, and it’s not locked either. Any bike thief could have four free awesome bikes tonight, but the sweetness of jay will prevail. . . because yes, occasionally there is already justice in the world, and no need for new imperatives.