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We Would Break the Right Rules

As I sit here within the assembly foyer at the Wisconsin capital building, having been told I will be asked by the police to leave, I am part of a group of people rooting for a team which is breaking the rules. Our Democratic senators have evacuated their posts, the police have a court order to require us to leave, and the Republicans may well have been within the letter of the law if only they had publicly announced this meeting prior to its inception.

However, it seems they did not. I was outside these doors when the results of the vote were announced at 6:15, it having been conducted just as the building was ‘closing for business.’ It seems to me that as the message reached the outer doors from the inner chamber, news was just beginning to spread that such a meeting was to take place at all.

The vote was illegal, and the demonstrators here are justified to break some rules.

In an ideal world, we will break the right rules when the rules are broken.


We would smile…

… when it is more laborious to scowl.

Of course, this is nearly always the case. Frowns instigate turbulence and propagate ill temper in our compatriots while bright eyes and easy laughter effortlessly dampen tumultuous seas and infect our companions with mirth.
I rightly chide myself for careless snapping at friends, lovers, and colleagues. In the thrust of anxious moments and world-weariness, I wrongly imagine that producing a smile is a favor that I owe them.
Producing a smile is a gift to oneself.

We would produce more than we consume…

In my daily life, I spend many of the world’s electrons in the process of studying a particular sector of the energy industry. The dream, of course, that drives all of this electron expenditure, is that I may somehow use this knowledge to help make the energy industry a little better, more efficient. In order for any of it to be worthwhile though, I’ll have to help improve the industry’s ability to produce electrons at least as much as is necessary to balance all of the electron expenditure it took for me to do so.

Ditto with love.

We would not jail people.

We would treat them. Criminals would be brought to know what they’ve done wrong and treated for the causes of their asocial behavior. They would, as a part of their treatment, be encouraged to voluntarily repay society. Potentially peaceful criminals would be taught to safely re-assimilate and contribute positively to the world.

In Pursuit of Happiness…

We would go home early from work, late from nights of drinking.

The sultry taste of butternut squash would awaken us…

In an inspired place, we would eat vegetables for breakfast. As we steam our bodies in the shower, we would steam carrots with thyme next to mashed cauliflowers and parsnips in our hearty rosemary potatoes. We would eat them for lunch, snacking on raw cucumber and tomatoes all day and sitting down to bowls of spicy kimchee in our fragrant offices. Dinners would be cornucopias, festivals rich curries and bold asian stirfrys. We would treat ourselves to desserts of frozen banana ice cream and on cold nights, to honeyed, roasted carrots and pumpkin cinnamon puddings. Fruit salads would be reserved for special occasions, decadent and sweet as our souls.

We would not know rice krispie treats.
No one would speak of donuts.
Sweet, tart kiwis would reign.
We would not know hot dogs.
There would be no twinkies.
We would know bounty,
And health.

Like Gorrillas We Would Eat from Trees

My housemates have invited over a roomful of calm, food-loving idealists. On pillows and folding chairs they sit in my living room and contemplate a future of edible urban landscaping.

Decorative plants should be edible, and should be eaten, they say. In our sidewalk amblings we could nibble on colorful chard, strong kale, apples, berries, and some sort of hearty kiwi that mysteriously thrives in Wisconsin. They dream of edible shrubbery.

I agree.

I do proclaim… in my benevolent dictatorship:

  • Decorative plants must be edible or extraordinary.
  • Plants in the public way shall be public property, consumable by the public.
  • Eating naturally dirty fruit shall henceforth be adopted as socially acceptible.