We Would Break the Right Rules

by katyhuff

As I sit here within the assembly foyer at the Wisconsin capital building, having been told I will be asked by the police to leave, I am part of a group of people rooting for a team which is breaking the rules. Our Democratic senators have evacuated their posts, the police have a court order to require us to leave, and the Republicans may well have been within the letter of the law if only they had publicly announced this meeting prior to its inception.

However, it seems they did not. I was outside these doors when the results of the vote were announced at 6:15, it having been conducted just as the building was ‘closing for business.’ It seems to me that as the message reached the outer doors from the inner chamber, news was just beginning to spread that such a meeting was to take place at all.

The vote was illegal, and the demonstrators here are justified to break some rules.

In an ideal world, we will break the right rules when the rules are broken.