The sultry taste of butternut squash would awaken us…

by katyhuff

In an inspired place, we would eat vegetables for breakfast. As we steam our bodies in the shower, we would steam carrots with thyme next to mashed cauliflowers and parsnips in our hearty rosemary potatoes. We would eat them for lunch, snacking on raw cucumber and tomatoes all day and sitting down to bowls of spicy kimchee in our fragrant offices. Dinners would be cornucopias, festivals rich curries and bold asian stirfrys. We would treat ourselves to desserts of frozen banana ice cream and on cold nights, to honeyed, roasted carrots and pumpkin cinnamon puddings. Fruit salads would be reserved for special occasions, decadent and sweet as our souls.

We would not know rice krispie treats.
No one would speak of donuts.
Sweet, tart kiwis would reign.
We would not know hot dogs.
There would be no twinkies.
We would know bounty,
And health.