Like Gorrillas We Would Eat from Trees

by katyhuff

My housemates have invited over a roomful of calm, food-loving idealists. On pillows and folding chairs they sit in my living room and contemplate a future of edible urban landscaping.

Decorative plants should be edible, and should be eaten, they say. In our sidewalk amblings we could nibble on colorful chard, strong kale, apples, berries, and some sort of hearty kiwi that mysteriously thrives in Wisconsin. They dream of edible shrubbery.

I agree.

I do proclaim… in my benevolent dictatorship:

  • Decorative plants must be edible or extraordinary.
  • Plants in the public way shall be public property, consumable by the public.
  • Eating naturally dirty fruit shall henceforth be adopted as socially acceptible.