We've Finally Slept!

by katyhuff

After we left them last, punctuality began to elude our soon to be international heros…

… and, delayed by our best intentions to xerox passports and tie up loose ends, we found ourselves running from the security gates in O’Hare in the nick of time, directly to our seats next to a richly colored, very decoratively headscarfed woman. In her dark, beautifully tattooed arms she held a brand new, very round, softly giggling baby.

Apparently, though, she was the proud owner two of these soft, giggling creatures and the other one was on the lap of an equally well-accessorized relative in another part of the plane. When Strom and I left our seats so that the four of them might occupy them, we settled into seats next to a family that involved what was surely the loudest 10 month old Romanian baby on the planet. 

So, we had been awake for something like 30 hours when we began a tour  in the hometown (Cento) of our fearless leader.


There was a big square on which there were many churches, gelaterias, and a large ruler to mark big historical floods.


And there were lots of statues and gardens.



At last, after our short walk, we took a priceless, two hour nap, woke back up, and went out with Italians for appertifs and pizza.

After this, we finally slept. Strom dreamt about huge Lego’s, I woke up and wrote this post, and now that we’ve had a lovely breakfast, all is now right with the world…

Danieles Mom set out a beautiful breakfast.