Bon Voyage

by katyhuff

After a morning of minimalist packing, radio listening, a haircut, and the eating of pita toast with jam, Mr. Fastmatthew Strom Borman is in a final math meeting on campus and I’m inaugurating this blog with a few peices of relevant information:

  • We do not speak Italian, and have no phrasebook. Fastmath, thankfully, will spend the trip learning French.
  • We have two backpacks, three pairs of shoes, and more underwear and books than actual clothes.
  • Vegetarianism may have to take a backseat to successfully ordering any sustenance whatsoever…

Our itinerary is thus:

– Leave Hyde Park by 2 p.m. so and fly from O’Hare at 4:45 p.m. We’ll arrive (after a two hour layover in the Amsterdam airport!) in Venice, Italy. The Italians will be ready for lunch, but our bodies will tell us it’s 3 a.m.

– Our fearless Italian wonderguide, Daniele will take over from here.



– With Daniele, we’ll see Cento, Bologna, Florence and Pisa for the first week or so of Italy.

– Once he’s taught us the secrets of Italian travel, Strom and I will be in Rome for three days and Venice for four days on our own. Watch out Italy, because I, for one, only know know the words ombra, rosso, bianco, gelato, bici and caffè.

– And then, eventually, we’ll fly home, but let’s not talk about that part just yet.